Video Testimonials

We support education because we believe that the future belongs to the young and a nation?s welfare depends on the decisions of its educated, informed citizens. We believe the best reflection of what we do is how our students feel about us.


Suraj Nandlal Yadav

Rishabh Shah

Anjumm Tambe
BSC Nursing

Kareena Patil
Sonave Village

Mallick Jakir
(BE - EIE)

Hriturima Baidya
Medical Student

Anjum Tambe
Pursing Bsc Nursing

Niddhi Patel
BE - Electronics and Communication

Farid Khan
BE, Inoformation Technology

Amreen Sheikh
B. Ed

Reema Khan
B.Sc Nursing

Prachi Dinesh Pithwa

Riva Yadav

Harshini Darji


Rabiya Amreen

Arshi Khan

Honey Jignesh Panchal

Safwaan Qureshi
BE, Inoformation Technology

Suraj Nandlad Yadav
BE, Inoformation Technology

Shoaib Ansari
IT Engineering

Shoaib Khan
IT Engineering

Sahil Gopal Singh
Electronice Engineer, Mumbai

Shruti Gupta
Std IX, St. Paul's School

Jovitha Serrao
Software Engineer

Suraj Patil
Ernst & Young

Noor Ali Shaikh
BE Computer Engineering

Priyanka Patil
BE Civil Engineer

Kajal P. Kanojia
BMS Graduate

Anamika Manna
(NDF supported her junior college studies at the Girdhar Prasad Mishra Junior College, Mumbai) - "Coming from an economically weak background, I was disillusioned about my future as I was unable to pay for my college fees. My principal guided me to the Nargis Dutt Foundation for financial aid, who readily supported my education. Without their timely support, the story of my life would have been different today"
Sneha Godke
(NDF supported her entire dental education at the P.M. Nadagonda Memorial Dental College) - "A true blessing, that's what NDF means to me. They are the sole reason why I am studying to be a dental surgeon today. Besides sponsoring my fees to complete my Bachelors in Dental Surgery, Ms Priya Dutt of the NDF, encourage me to pursue my dreams. Thank you NDF for helping me become the person I am today"
Ruksar Karim Shaikh
(NDF supported her B.Sc. fees at National College, Mumbai) - "NDF has made a positive difference to my life. The genuine concern shown to me has not only changed my thinking towards life but has also motivated me to achieve my goals. Thank you NDF"
Sneha Rajendra Tank
(NDF supported her educational fees at the Khar Education Society?s Society College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai) - "The Nargis Dutt Foundation has entrusted my faith back into the importance of education and the need for it. NDF supported me at a time when I needed it the most and for this I will be forever grateful. I hope someday I will be in a position to continue this noble cause to another needy soul"

At NDF, we believe, with the right education and guidance, we can make a significant contribution to developing the overall physical, mental and social development of the public in India. We want each family, the local community, different states and the future generation to live a long, happy, healthy and productive life. A glimpse into what pur patrons feel about us.

Shweta Pandey

Master Manish Kanojia
(NDF donated for his treatment at the BCJ and Asha Parekh Hospital, Mumbai) - "We were in a state of shock when we learnt that our child had an advanced level of cerebal malaria. We were told if he did not receive timely supervision, it could prove to be fatal. Although we didn?t have the funds, we wanted our child alive. The escalating cost of the ICU was beyond our reach. NDF stepped in and took away our worries. We will be forever intebted to NDF for giving our son a new life"
Sajid Qureshi
(NDF guided the family with all aspects of cancer care) - "We were guided in our darkest days by the Nargis Dutt Foundation. Right from the time my brother was detected with liver cancer to the time he brathed his last, NDF stood by us like a pillar of strength. For individuals like us, Tata hospital is one big maze and with the help of the trust it made it very easy for us to connect with the doctor. Without their help we would certainly heave been groping in the dark"
Master Abhishek
(NDF sponsored his chemotheraphy at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai) - "Our child is battling blood cancer at the Tata Memorial Hospital. In order to bring the disease under control, he has to undergo regular chemotheraphy. Each cycle is expensive and is beyond my economic reach. We are therefore grateful for the timely donation made by NDF towards the speedy recovery of my child. We will be forever indebted to them"
Baby Devyani Watkar
(NDF donated for her treatment at KEM Hospital, Mumbai) - "All our funds got exhausted during the treatment for our little daughter who was suffering from Neuro Ectodermal Tumor. The cost of the chemotheraphy was very high. We were collecting money from various foundation and trusts since the cost of the treatment was Rs. 4,00,000/-. We are very thankful to the Nargis Dutt Foundation for providing us a substantial amount whereas others were allocating extremely small amount of money. This helped us a lot to procure medicine for our child"
Master Ashish Patel
(NDF financially supported his cancer treatment) - "It is is only during times of crisis, do you realize your friends. I was barely able to meet ends at home when my son was diagnosed with cancer. All my funds were exhausted and the sight of my"

Minal Gharat
Pargaon Village