Tata Mumbai Marathon (TMM)

Tata Mumbai Marathon (TMM)

TMM is one of the top marathons in the world and the biggest in India. The Mumbai marathon is held on the third Sunday of January every year. Nargis Dutt foundation has been participating in marathon for charity since 2016.

Every year, corporates, schools, colleges and individuals participate with Team Nargis Dutt foundation. It is a great way to run for a cause close to your heart in Health and Education.

The Mumbai Marathon has six different race categories: Marathon (42.195 km), Half Marathon (21.097 km), Dream Run (6 km), Senior Citizens' Run (4.3 km), Champions with Disability (2.4 km), and a Timed 10K.

‘Corporate team category’ is specially designed for companies who wish to field employee’s teams to participate in the TMM has emerged as an excellent employee’s engagement and team bonding activity.

If you’d like run for a cause with Team NDF, please call on 022-2600-4583 or email us at info@nargisduttfoundation.com