• Ensuring education
    for all

    Education is a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army.
  • Ensuring healthcare
    for all

    Achieving better health care one patient at a time.
  • Creating opportunities
    for all

    One of the best ways to fight poverty is to educate women and give them economic opportunity.

Our Mission

We believe, no lives should be lost due to unaffordability of medical treatment and no child should be deprived of a good education due to lack of funds.


Your donation has the power to create a lasting impact.
No donation is too small. Every donation counts.

Sponsor A Cancer Patient

Sponsor A Cancer Patient

  • 1 Chemotherapy/Radiation - Rs. 10,000/-
  • 1 Nutritional Kit - Rs. 750/-
  • Sponsor A Student

    Sponsor A Student

  • School Education - Rs. 1500/- monthly
  • Higher Education - Rs. 5000/- monthly
  • 1 School Kit - Rs.850/-